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6 décember 2011
The history of Trévallon

6 october 2010
The Best wine of France 2011

Eloi Durrbach, nowadays supported by his son Antoine), continues to work without compromising any of his ideas and values. He is a meticulous wine maker with great attention to detail, producing wines which reflect the terroir beautifully, showing perfect grape maturity, linked to just the right amount of extraction and ageing. These methods produce fleshy wines which are both concentrated and harmonious. With his red wine, we are reminded how Eloi gives a master class in how to integrate Cabernet-Sauvignon. With its complex aromas (showing notes of spice, garrigue and black truffles), Trevallon simply shows its typical Mediterranean character.
The wines: the 2007 red will go down as one of the legendary Trevallon wines. On the palate, you taste the garrigue, bay leaf, black fruits and cedar wood with big, perfectly integrated tannins, and a huge finish, all underpinned by great freshness. This is an honest mix of southern power and the type of finesse you find in great terroir wines. It is a luscious wine with impressive length. The domaine also showed us its 2001 which is maturing very elegantly in a classic Trevallon style, with a dominant nose of lead pencil and candied fruits. However, we're sorry that the domaine never offers us any bottled white to taste

9 august 2010

On the bistro restaurant L'Oasis, you can lunch on a table Trévallon:

26 may 2010
La Revue du Vin de France

June 2010

Special report - 2009 vintage
Exceptional successes


Beautiful crop, pronounces Eloi Durbach.
Dark, tasty syrah and structured, powerful cabernet sauvignon, exploding with fruit on the finish.
This promises a high standard.

For the first time, Eloi Durbach includes 4-5% of grenache blanc. The blend is complex.
Marsanne and roussanne (40%) show extraordinary aromas (apricot, verveine tea, lime tree), whilst the chardonnay will provide freshness and droiture.

1 september 2009
The great wine guide to France 2010 Bettane & Desseauve

Domaine de Trévallon

Well supported by their son and daughter Eloi and Floriane Dürrbach continue With Trevallon one of the best wine of Provence. The red wine which inclued Cabernet-sauvignon and Syrah half an half is one of the greatest truffle wine of the world.
You need to be patient and not open this type of nectar before seven or ten years!
while we appreciate the honesty of tannins.
The final freschness and the fleshy elegant make you feel a need to drink an other glass.
The white wine is principaly formed of Marsanne and Roussane. This grapes varieties typical from the nothern Rhône Valley give a rich aromatic palette which is not without relation with the greatest Châteauneuf du pape .There is also in the final taste a bourgundy touch of butter brought by the 10% Chardonnay. But this wine has also mediterraneen flavours and a truffle nose

Following in the tasting note: White 2007,
red 2006,2001,1999,1995

20 july 2009
Domaine de Tévallon Olive oil

Produce only with the olive of Domaine de Trevallon, varieties:

Aglandau, Picholine, Salonenque, Grossanne, Verdale, Bouteillan et Broutignan.

This olive oil is making from olives tree cultivate without chemical fertilizers and synthetic product.
Olives are harvested by hand in November, the day of the harvest our olives are gone in the mill who is at 1 km of the domain where they will press maximum within 24 hours following.

This process is call the green fruity “fruité vert”, this allows to have an olive oil fruity, a little herby aromas , but without too bitterness.

The olive oil of Domaine de Trévallon has a very low acidity (extra virgin) you can eaten raw, with salad, crudity and very resistant to cooking (210°). This oil can be used very well for cooking fish or meat.

Preserve away from light and heat between 18 ° and 22 °.

18 june 2009
" La revue des vins de France"

The best vintage 2008

Red wine record between 20 and 18 out of 20

Domaine de Trévallon 2008:

- With a exquisite character and a note of cherry, syrah is velvety in mouth and very elegant. Cabernet-sauvignon, more tellurian and austere, will be melt. The blend will be more fluide than 2007.

White wine record between 20 and 18 out of 20

Domaine de Trévallon 2008:

- With a very yield low, Trévallon white, making now by Antoine Dürrbach is rich and generously woody.

27 march 2009

Best Red wine of Provence

The red wine 2006 of Domaine de Trévallon arrived 2nd on 60 behind Demaine Tempier

Harmonious and aromatic, with notes of red fruits and black truffles, this vintage offers a exquisite balance and a flexibility of tannin. Profile in a half power, It offers more delicate length than the years of more imposing concentration.
It will be drinkable before the vintage 2007 that looks beautifull.

13 march 2009
A very discreet vintage : the red 2006.

And yet… a wine with a great finesse, very enjoyable in spite of its youth, a silky texture, a floral mouth with violet and liquorice to end with red fruits. We have bottled the red 2006 in December 2008, but how could it manage to find a niche between the red 2005, a very great vintage but associated to the general “madness” around 2005 and the red 2007 already announced as the worthy successor of the red 1982 !!

During tastings, the 2006 is largely appreciated for its fullness, its “gourmandise” and its intense color.
Our clients who have tasted it are unanimous: the rouge 2006 is a beautiful vintage. Don’t forget it!.

Vintage 2008.

A very difficult year, characterized by a rainy spring, the mildew and an invasion of boars.

Direct consequences : a small harvest, for the white : 50 % in less and the red : 30 %

Moreover we had a very good weather during the harvest, the grapes has come to a great maturity.

The red is fruity, slightly tannic and supple.

The white is different compared to the others vintages because there is a minus quantity of roussane.
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